Here goes nothing

So the first day of writing and I accidentally delete the entire post. Great! This will not deter me from getting this done though. This is some day. You know, I had a very important appointment in town and overslept. Woke up 2 hours later. Believe me I am not complaining considering I am fully responsible for over sleeping. I was on the phone till very late in the night. Which begs the question, how the hell do people manage long distance relationships? This will be a discussion for another day.

Anyway, I have been planning on doing this for such a long time. In fact, this blog was created in 2015 (explains the url – recklessness, and lack of imagination that comes from being young and naive). I know!! I’d like to tell myself that one of the reasons why it never really kicked off is because I am not big on sharing my personal life but I know that’s not entirely true. I had so much ‘noise’ in my life I literally had no time to myself let alone time to journalize my life.

What changed? I did. I decided in 2018 I am taking full control of my life. Concentrate only on people and things that matter to me most. I’d like to call it restructuring. Corporate much? I know….I know.. I am just not very comfortable with the word de-cluttering. Has a totally different meaning in my head. Also, I have been an Auditor for the better part of my working life. Blame it on the reports.

I am excited and scared at the same time. Sharing my life experiences like this goes against my being but also I am excited because this is something I would never consider doing let alone go ahead and do it. Growing up I had trouble even keeping journals/ dairies for fear of someone knowing my private thoughts. But I am soon approaching 30 years old. What the hell!

I am looking forward to journeying with you. Enjoy!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Imma says:

    Closely following your private thougts….. Be warned 😉


    1. nyarkulosi says:

      It’s good to have you here. Thanks for the support


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