Week 12.2018

I have been going through an emotional setback. God recently brought someone along and I thought that I had figured out their purpose in my life. Turns out I knew nothing. So I am recovering from that also taking the lessons that come with. It will take longer than I had imagined or could possibly want. The important thing is that I am working on it, and in the process constantly praying to God to grant me wisdom to understand their purpose in my life.

Having said that, as part of my journey, I have opted to be grateful and appreciative of the privileges I have, hence stock taking.

I’ll be doing this bit on a weekly basis. Hoping to stick to Mondays. I have already started to see the positivity it brings to my life. It’s quite therapeutic as well. You should try it sometime.

So, aren’t you just glad January is over and done with? Here we go;

Making: A rugged floor mat that I have now been working on for years. Yes, Years! It was a project I started working on while in campus before I realized just how time-consuming it is. I have since reduced it to a hobby.

Cooking: Nothing really. I haven’t done this since the past weekend.

Eating: Mixed nuts and herbal tea. I am obsessed with nuts. Aren’t you just amazed by the high number of herbal teas currently available in the market? My current favorites are Cool Cardamon and Passion Mint tea.

Reading: Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck by Mark Manson. I am loving how brutally honest the Author is. Also learned when not to and when to give a fuck.

Next read: We’re Going to Need More Wine by Gabrielle Union. I have been looking forward to reading this book and I almost lost interest after going through the online reviews. Loved every bit of it! Nikie is quite something and some more.

Wanting: To be fluent in Spanish and French

Looking: At youtube for ways to customize my blog just the way I want it. Boy, there is so much I do not know!

Playing: Words with Friends. I admit it’s really grown on me

Deciding: To go back to school. I have always wanted to do this but I have been holding off on it because I did not want to go back to school just for the sake of papers. I want to Master what I am passionate about and also good at. The timing couldn’t be any better.

Wishing: I was able to chase the sunrise by the beach. I love sunrises, they are a mark of new beginnings pregnant with nothing but beautiful promises.

Enjoying: Spending time on my own. I love being in my own company. It’s no longer scary but very comforting.

Waiting: For the caretaker to come fix my shower and my window. My shower broke and it’s too damn cold where I live.

Liking: That I finally set up this Blog. It’s scary, half the time I do not even know what I am doing. All the time. It’s hard but I am loving every step of the way. Most steps 🙂

Wondering: If I should study abroad or take online classes. I really love my current job and not sure how studying abroad will play out job wise in the long run.

Loving: This Kizomba Jam; Natingue – Quem vai doar um coração. I have been listening to it non stop.

Pondering: If I am really a people person. I have come to be very introverted lately. Well, in retrospect I have always been, it’s just really pronounced lately. This has affected my relationship with close friends. Most of the time it’s a constant struggle with being extroverted. Obviously the former takes the lead.

Considering: Getting a Pension Plan and a Mortgage. Am I the only one who thinks rent prices in Nairobi are outrageous? I have

Buying: A weekly organizer. I have been doing this online but I am too old school and I love to write things down and tick them off my list as go.

Watching: Altered Carbon. You got to see it for yourself! Also got me thinking about the endless possibilities of AI and Tech in general. I am excited!

Next Watch: Seven Seconds. I’m actually looking forward to this. I’ll let you my thoughts on it soon enough.

Hoping: To reconcile with a friend. It feels empty not having them around

Marveling: A the list of goals and ideas I have. My dreams scare me. Also if you need ever thought I might be crazy at some point in my life, this list might be Exhibit A.

Cringing: At the possibility of not actualizing my ideas and goals

Needing: A big long hug.

Questioning: My purpose and influence in life and to the people around me. I talk more about it here

Smelling: Nothing much. Fresh air..the perks of living on the outskirts of Nairobi

Wearing: My ex’s socks. They are the warmest pair I have…also I may be feeling a bit nostalgic. What are the same of the craziest things you have done to feel close to someone when your pride wouldn’t let you show them just how much their absence is affecting you?

Following: On social media, a lot of Tech and Fintech gurus. I have developed an almost obsessive interest in the subject.

Worrying: That procrastination will literally be the cause of my destruction and failure in life. Which character trait always gets you in trouble however much you try?

Noticing: You cannot live your life based on people opinion. Find what works for you and stick to it.

Knowing: That I need to start working out and reduce carbs. But these emotions got me stress eating like it’s the end of the world :(. I may have also inherited the genes for a large appetite from one of my folks. Thanks, mum! Still, love you.

Thinking: Of taking a drive later in the afternoon.

Admiring: One of my facebook friends. I find so much courage and admiration in her vulnerability. Maybe one day I will tell her all about it.

Sorting: My Finances. I need to Get. It. Together. Also, my pantry. Ok, I want to do it but I keep finding a reason to do it later.

Getting: A new laptop. Mine’s dead.

Disliking: How people are negative on Social Media. The degree of entitlement and selfishness leaves a lot to be desired. Also, does the degree of confidence used to display ignorance on social media bother anyone else or is it just me? But then again we are all entitled to our opinions however stupid they are, right?

Opening: A box of chocolate.

Giggling: Not really. Not today….well I wasn’t until I started writing this. Must be the comment. I don’t know.

Feeling: Like getting a spa day. I wanna be massaged and pampered.

Snacking: On nuts!

Hearing: The wind howling, whistling and sighing. Almost feels like I am by an ocean. It’s beautiful

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Imma says:

    Love it ,looking forward to reading more of this,feels like I’m getting to know you all over again!


    1. nyarkulosi says:

      Awesome! I am glad you liked it


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