Week 13.2018

Hey Guys! It’s yet another Monday. I don’t know about you but Monday blues got me literally forcing myself into doing this among other things. If I had it my way I would rather still be in bed. But then again, I guess the whole point of having this bit on the blog is to keep me in check which seems to be working just great.

I hope as you read this you are having a lovely day or week. I had a crazy weekend (Story for another day) and I could use another weekend to recover from it. I’m looking forward to the long Easter weekend ahead. While at it, let’s take stock. Shall we?

Making: A detailed lesson plan to help me complete my French Lessons within the right time.
Cooking: Scrambled Eggs. Anyone who knows me well knows how much I love eggs. I am looking for new eggs recipes.I’d like to try something new. Feel free to share some with me.
Eating: Avocado sandwich. These are growing on me.
Reading:  We’re Going to Need More Wine by Gabrielle Union and What to Do When It’s Your Turn: (and It’s Always Your Turn) by Seth Godin. I know.. I know reading two books in a week is very ambitious. Thing is, I am doing this 2018 Reading Challenge with Goodreads. You should give it a try if you love reading or if you’ve always wanted to create a habit of reading.
Next read: The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli. I have always been curious about this one. Also, they had me at Machiavelli.
Wanting: To finally have the courage to get to the deep end. I’d say I am a fairly good swimmer but I have this phobia for deep ends. I guess I just like to know that at any given point I can stand whenever I want to.
Looking: At the swaying leaves. As you know by now I have a thing for the wind and nature in general. Thank mother nature for the wind and man for these trees. They are all tucked around here.
Trawling: Book review pages and blogs. I just started to write about my thoughts on books I am reading. I am not reviewing them per say. Just my takeaways from the books.
Deciding: On whether to post about my weekend trip to Diani during the coming Easter.
Wishing: For my friends to be happy and keep winning  life
Enjoying: Spending time with a new friend I hope on keeping. I don’t make friends easily so I hope this works out well.
Waiting: For the weekend. I need a do-over!
Liking: That the blog is picking up traction faster than I had anticipated. This is super exciting for me.
Loving: The scent of my new body mist and the perfume I got as a graduation gift from the new friend. They smell like home. Or my idea of coming back home…
Pondering: Upon life’s complexities! Sigh.
Considering: That I need to finally settle on which gym I need to subscribe to and to also get my appetite in check. I cannot seem to master the discipline to stick to home workouts. For those who manage to work out from home, how do you do it? I could use a few pointers.
Buying: Nothing at the moment. I significantly downsized my 2018’s budget to make up for overspending and to clear the debts that I had acquired over the previous years.
Watching: The vetting of DPP Nominee, Noording Yusuf Harji. I need to work on my CV.
Next watch: REPLICAS. A sci-fi movie starring Keanu Reeves and Alice Eve. The movie’s trailer has got me all excited. I hope it’s not one of those horrible movies with awesome trailers. We’ll see.
Hoping: To get an app that I can use to sync and keep track of expenses and all the personal and business accounts I am currently managing. Any recommendations?
Marveling: At how cheerful the birds always are. Do you think they ever get crabby? Or just have bad days in general?
Cringing: At guess who? Trump! It’s almost impossible not to.
Needing: To get my personal accounts up to date. I have been indulging in guilty pleasures and I am not ready to deal with just how much I have gone off course.
Questioning: All things. Life in general. Also, why aren’t their decent buses that go directly from Nairobi to Diani? 😦
Smelling: Freshly cut grass. The gardener has just mowed the lawn. It smells of summertime. What’s your favorite natural smell?
Wearing: My swimming costume. It’s hot and I am thinking of going for a quick swim. I might just hit the deep end this time.
Following: The story of Cambridge Analytica’s data-scraping scandal. It’s terrifying the amount of information Facebook has collected on its users and how this information can be used to influence outcomes such as presidential elections. As much as Facebook is taking the heat for it, this just goes on to show how data, in the wrong hands can be used to manipulate such things as a democracy. The thought of this is distasteful and utterly appalling.
Worrying: That I think too much and read too much into things. It’s both a blessing and a curse.
Noticing: How fast my dreadlocks are growing. They are almost a year old.
Knowing: That I am exactly where I need to be and that no one owes me anything.
Thinking: Of making Pasta with Pesto for dinner. Look what my cravings turned me into.
Admiring: The level of creativity at these Def Jam Youtube videos. I might just be doing poetry. It’s been a while.
Sorting: Not much but I need to re-do my reading list for 2018
Getting: My hair colored. It looks dull and lifeless in this shade of wine red. I haven’t settled on a color yet. Any ideas?
Bookmarking: This page on Trevor Noah’s jokes on Jacob Zuma. Trevor makes me understand South African politics/politicians in such a hilarious way. God bless your soul Trevor 🙂
Coveting: How calm and unaffected some people can be; or appear to be in the face of chaos and heartbreaks. I find it simply stunning.
Disliking: How hot it is. I am least productive when the temperature is very high and the profuse sweating has me feeling all yucky and bleurgh!
Opening: A new notebook I was given by an old friend. I cannot wait to write down my blog ideas.
Giggling: Not really. Not today….well I wasn’t until I started writing this. Must be the comment. I  don’t know. This always happens when I get to this part. I know, I cannot stop either.
Feeling: Awesome now that I have crossed out the fourth thing on my to-do list.
Snacking: On nuts! I am always snacking on nuts.
Hearing: The gentle hum of the lawnmower cutting the grass. This symbolizes yet another new beginning for me.

Now go forth and Love, Live and Soar!

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