How I Plan On Getting Myself Debt-Free


‘Polite reminder! The SOONER you pay your loan, the more you grow your limit. Please repay TODAY to avoid loss of your (insert creditor’s name) credit’. First of all, this is more of a threat than it is a polite reminder. I am sure I am not the only one who gets goosebumps whenever you get such texts from Mshwari or whichever creditor. It’s almost as if they spotted me at the Pizza place and sent the text. You know, just to let me know that they are watching. Creepy!

I have always been in charge of money; I was the child who handled the money. To date. Naturally, I considered myself keen on my finances until I realized that I was in way over my head. I was headed for the slaughterhouse. I was literally spending myself to debts. I am currently buried deep in consumer debts with Mshwari, Equity, KCB, close friends and family members, not to mention having borrowed from my side hustle too. I can’t really tell where the money went, as I don’t have anything to show for it.

Do you ever feel guilty whenever you want to purchase something that you don’t really need and you haven’t yet serviced your loans? Yeah, me neither. Which begs the question; why are you not financially disciplined? Is your financial freedom not a priority? Do you not want to go to bed expecting texts messages of how much money has just been deposited into your account?

How exactly did I get myself into this mess? I got this big business deal and I used my first income, including profits from my business to move out from my bedsitter to a 2 bedroomed house which I share with my kid sister. I had not put into account the prospects of steady cash flow from my business yet. Two; I got a side gig which eventually became my day job with a monthly pay that’s basically a third of what my business was bringing in. The day job took so much time that I barely had time for my business, which hasn’t been doing so well. Yet I did not adjust my lifestyle to match my pay. And so, here I am.


It is up to me to change my behaviors and my situation. I thought what better way to keep myself in check than to have this on the blog. These are some of the things I did or I am currently doing to get out of this mess; wrote down my financial goals, doing a lifestyle audit, operating within a strict budget, monitoring my expenditure, generating more income by finding alternative sources of income and meal planning.

If I can pay off all of my debt by the end of the year, there will be one bonus: I will have good credit. And I can finally think of ways of owning my own home. Until then… I need to learn how to live within my means and enjoy what I bought myself during this crazy ride. I’ll be doing posts to keep you updated on the progress or lack of it. I’d like to know what you did to get out of debt, what you are currently doing to get yourself out of debt.

Here goes nothing. Or, in my case, everything.

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  1. Grace says:

    Good read!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. nyarkulosi says:

      Hi Grace, thanks for stopping by. I am glad you enjoyed it


  2. Christabel says:

    Nice piece….. Waiting for progress report


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