Hey guys! May is finally here. I’m so excited about this month and for no apparent reason. I am just happy and grateful. It’s funny how when you start noticing how much good there is in life, you find yourself on the happier side of life. I see opportunities and life lessons even in the saddest of moments. Give it a try and you’ll be surprised how much the smallest act of kindness goes a long way.

That being said, I am;

Making: A mental note to check in on people often, to return my calls as soon as possible and reply to all my unanswered Watsup messages. Especially the ones that I don’t really want to.

Cooking: Chapatis. My brother is going back to school and he loves chapos. So, it is customary that he has chapos as his last meal outside of school. I’d love to know some of the things you do for your siblings or kids when they are about to go away for a long time.

Eating: Porridge 🙂

Reading: Spartan Planet by A. Bertram Chandler. I have been reading a lot of Sci-Fi novels lately. The protagonist, Brasidus has me hooked. I love his astonishing reactions to discovering females and their ‘deformities’, well breasts.

Next read: The Wit and Wisdom of Ted Kennedy by Adler, Bill & Jr., Bill Adler

Wanting: To be involved in more social and community development causes.

Looking: At the number of amazing online courses. You should check out some of them in Lynda, Cousera, Babbel, Udemi, Edx etc. There is literally something for everyone. Liberate your mind.

Playing: Candy Crush. I love it. It helps me think.

Trawling: At several blogs offering guidelines on how to be good at Public Speaking and Creative Writing.

Deciding: To commit to my blog calendar. The plan is to do a post weekly.

Wishing: A day had at least 30 hours. Where does the time go? Do you ever feel like 24 hours isn’t enough to get through your entire to-do list?

Wasting: Time on youtube Kids channel. This stuff is addictive. The shows should come with disclaimers.

Enjoying: Spending time with family. I am tremendously blessed

Waiting: To get my shower fixed. My heater broke and I can’t quite fix it.

Liking: How Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie stood by the question she asked Hillary Clinton about her Twitter bio. I thought she handled herself quite well.

Wondering: If I will live to be half the woman my mother is. That woman is something, and then some.

Loving: The traffic I have been getting on the blog. This just goes to prove that if you want to do something, WHY WAIT, START NOW.

Pondering: On how the people and the circumstances which have shaped me play a big role in who I am.

Considering: Getting classes on Tech 101

Buying: Coconut seedlings for this project my dad’s working on.

Watching: ‘Station 19’ the series. Shonda Rhimes never disappoints.

Next Watch: I don’t have anything in mind. I’ll be going where my moods lead me. It’s that kind of month.

Hoping: To travel to France sooner. A girl can dream…

Marveling: At how much beauty is around me. The sunshine, the rain, the blooming trees, the water, the clouds rolling by, the different shades of blue… I could go on. Do you ever slow down, just stop, to notice? Please take a moment to breathe it all in.

Cringing: At how bad I have become at dancing salsa. I cut down on classes and social nights in an attempt to clear my debts.

Needing: To start participating more in social causes. If you happen to know of one that needs a volunteer accountant, mentor, cook, read to the kids etc please let me know. I’ll be happy to help 🙂

Questioning: This quote should take care of this bit:

Smelling: Omena. These are small fish. I love these things and it has absolutely nothing to do with my genetic predisposition.

Wearing: Dera. I love deras. The freedom that comes with them, is just amazing.

Following: Trevah Noah. After watching his interview with Oprah I got more intrigued by him. I’m now looking forward to reading his book; Born A Crime.

Worrying: About how much harder parenting is in this era. How do you control the kind of information your child is exposed to. Everything is literally a click away and parents are always away, working hard to pay the bills. *sigh*

Noticing: How much women and men as well are doing to create a way for women to have places in workplaces. Also grateful for women who work hard to rightfully earn these places so that us, who are coming afterward aren’t just handed things on a silver platter.

Knowing: How much timing plays an important role in our lives. So often all it takes is being at the right place at the right time; or the wrong time.

Thinking: How badly I want it all, and how hard I need to work to GET. IT. ALL

Admiring: My Dad. Did I mention he is one of my heroes? He was the most important influence in my childhood. I still look up to him.

Sorting: My to-do list on Client On-Boarding Process. I have so much to learn on Business Development

Getting: A new tattoo! It’s been a long time coming. I’m so excited.

Bookmarking: Simon Sinek’s TED talk about the power of ‘Why’. For 20 minutes he talks about why we need to lead from a place of “Why” we’re doing something, not how we’re doing it or what we’re doing. It’s pure of pure gold (seriously, go watch it).

Disliking: That my cousin is transferring to another school. It’s far and I won’t get to see her as much. I miss her already and it sucks!

Opening: One too many tabs. Research! A friend recently introduced me to bookmarking and how to use folders to organize my web pages. This should reduce the tabs to a minimum.

Giggling: At funny YouTube videos of XFactor and America’s Got Talent auditions. I am grateful for people’s desperation of Fame.

Feeling: More aware of my thoughts, my actions, things and people around me. It’s like I have just woken up from a coma.

Snacking: On Digestive Biscuits. Don’t you love how good they go with hot chocolate?

Hearing: An ambulance siren approaching.

What are you up to? Live, Love..Soar!

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