Ooh boy, where to begin..it’s been quite a month and some. I have been writing this post for longer than I should be. The past three weeks haven’t exactly been easy, from work to personal life. I have literally experienced all sorts of emotions in the most erratic of forms and patterns. Life is indeed full of surprises.

Here we go;

Making: A mess out of this thing called life. I know adulting is showing most of us, if not all of us wonders. You are not alone, hang in there. Always keep your head up. Tutaibuka washindi, eventually.

Cooking: Nothing. It’s been a while since I stepped into my kitchen. Might have something to do with the empty pantry.

Eating: Leftover pizza. Is it just me or a day old pizza is way better than a fresh one? My pal keeps telling me cold pizza is underrated. I think it’s an acquired taste.

Reading: The Price of Civilisation; Reawakening Virtue and Prosperity After The Economic Fall by Jeffery Sachs. It’s my last read from the month on May

Next read: Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi. I have been planning on reading this since last year.

Wanting: To catch the sunset. I am heading to shags soon. The view of the sunset would be amazing from the bridge that connects the Island to Mbita town.

Looking: At my old photos and getting all sorts of emotions. I find myself cringing, smiling, feeling a sense of nostalgia and some even made me grieve a little over the life I once had. But mostly, I’m grateful that time of my life is over and I am very proud of the person I have grown into; and even was then.

Playing: Soul music. My mum is surprised that I even listen to soul music. My siblings grew up with Soul, Lingala, Bhenga, and rhumba you know…enzi za URTNA!

Trawling: At an old friend’s wedding photos. She’s made such a beautiful bride. I wish them nothing but happiness and forgiveness in their marriage. Congrats Mrs. Juma!!

Deciding: To travel more, with an intent of enjoying the experience. It’s the first time I am planning to travel to shags (for 8 hours) and don’t sleep a wink. Every trip I take changes me in some way. I learn something about myself, the person or people I’m traveling with, those I meet along the way and there are always many takeaways that  go along in influencing  me long after I return home

Wishing: I slept less when traveling long distance. Kenya is so beautiful.

Wasting: Sleep. I have been sleeping for 3 hours tops for the past 7 weeks. I have so much going on that I literally cannot fall asleep. Hoping to do better this month.

Enjoying: I cannot think of one thing. It has been such a tough month. I do not find much joy even in the things I love most like reading, cooking etc. 😦

Waiting: To start over on the Financial Planning. My initial plan sort of blew up in my face. But then again that is what happens when you plan as you go; improvisation, huh?

Liking: The money lessons that come with Arese’s book. They have become my guiding principles in my personal finances

Wondering: What the relevance and importance of Educating, Engaging, and  Empowering could be with reference to citizen’s active participation in governance. Your thoughts?

Loving: Beatrice Kanze Dena’s appointment as President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Deputy spokesperson. It is because of women like her that I am reminded every day to work hard and be consistent in what I do. The sky is no longer the limit, we are redefining limits.

Pondering: On how to get a new laptop. Mine simply can’t handle how awesome I am about to be. It hangs every time I am about to create awesome stuff but never when I am wasting time.

Considering: That I don’t have much free time at the moment, but also that I really do like having lots of work to do.

Buying: Vegetables and lots of grains.

Watching: Shark Tank Season 9. So many lessons.

Next Watch: The Mick Season 2. Don’t you just love Mickey? The amount of intelligence on that woman is pretty impressive, but her lack of ambition is even more impressive. I loved when [spoiler alert] Mickey tricks Sabrina into eating an owl she thought she’d saved…oooh and when she takes shots of sleeping pills cocktails.

Hoping: That we do not have women going through what June, Handmaid’s Tale, is going through in the present world. Season 2 Ep 9 just broke my heart into tiny little pieces.

Marveling: At how the universe conspires to respond to your mood and energy. I often forget just how much in control I am of my energy and happiness. Afterall, “Life doesn’t happen to you. Life responds to you.”

Cringing: At News. The number of scandals is just appalling and distasteful.

Needing: To get out and attend more events by Metta. It’s mind blowing what people are up to out here. The knowledge is profound.

Questioning: What our values are as a nation and as individuals. In today’ democracies, we, citizens, elect individuals to represent us, to talk on our behalf. In this way, political leaders embody the beliefs, wishes, and will of populations, and must act as citizens’ representatives.

Smelling: Trash. My trash can wreaks. Well..it’s two weeks old.

Wearing: A lot of clothes. Anyone who lives in Kinoo knows just how brutal the weather in Kinoo and its environs is. I’m just here waiting for the snow to start falling. Even human blanketing is not an option 😦

Following: The story of immigrants being separated from their parents in an effort to warn them from ‘using’ their children for preferential treatment. It’s ridiculous and unfortunate. The comments from social media are utterly appalling, to say the least. Having freedom of expression does not give one the right to express their ignorance. Where does the confidence even come from? God knows I could use some of it.

Worrying: That I am not doing enough to commit to my blog calendar. The plan is still to do a post weekly and I am already a week behind :(.  Well…make that two weeks.

Noticing: How amazing my friends are. I keep a very small circle and these gals are the world to me. 

Knowing: That I would break out of this shell I am in and explore, be daring, a jump of cliffs, bungee jump…you catch the drift?

Thinking: Of giving up red meat. Also, have you noticed that more and more people are going vegan in the world, or is it just me?

Admiring: How much I can do when I put my mind to it. I just realized I can be very good at this; writing

Sorting: Out things. I need to get rid of lots of stuff and also do filing, so I have started that

Getting: A heater.

Bookmarking: This Classic FM Radio. If you are a lover of classical music you might wanna check it out. It’s quite good.

Disliking: How cold my house is at the moment.

Opening: 1984 by George Orwell. I love to open the pages of an old book and just smell them. It smells delicious.

Giggling: At Trevor Noah’s comedy. I’m working on my Russian, Trevor says it can get me out of trouble.

Feeling: Lucky. I won’t get into it today.

Snacking:  On dates. I’m trying to eat cleaner. I’ve been doing such a poor job of eating healthy. Explains why my body has been feeling sluggish lately.

Hearing: Loud music from my neighbor’s house. He must have bought a new set of speakers. I have since replaced my alarm for the beat of next door’s thumping bass reverberating through my bedroom wall.

Thank you so much for reading and as always;

Live, Love and Soar!

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  1. Otachi says:

    Interesting read. . …keep up

    Liked by 1 person

    1. nyar_kolusi says:

      Thanks Otachi. Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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