Drunken Rants

Some people are single and actually having the time of their lives. They’re building careers. They’re accomplishing goals. They’re traveling the world. They’re discovering things about themselves that they love while shedding old layers of themselves they don’t need. They’re unlearning old, bad habits while practicing new and healthy ones. They’re embracing their alone time, and thriving in it. Contrary to the things that the masses like to spew, not all single people are lonely, bitter, miserable or damaged. Some are single, and more in love with their life than they ever have been before. I know I am.

Monday Blues

It’s 9:38 am. Just got out of bed. Actually dragged my fat ass out of bed. I am also taking a mental note on how frequent this has been happening lately. Anyways, I am sitting on the front porch, facing the bar and the pool which is finally clean! The air is pure and refreshing….