Hey guys! May is finally here. I’m so excited about this month and for no apparent reason. I am just happy and grateful. It’s funny how when you start noticing how much good there is in life, you find yourself on the happier side of life. I see opportunities and life lessons even in the…

How I Plan On Getting Myself Debt-Free

‘Polite reminder! The SOONER you pay your loan, the more you grow your limit. Please repay TODAY to avoid loss of your (insert creditor’s name) credit’. First of all, this is more of a threat than it is a polite reminder. I am sure I am not the only one who gets goosebumps whenever you…


Hey Folks! I hope you enjoyed your long Easter holiday. I secretly wished the weekend was a week-long 🙂 Anyways, I hope yours was as awesome as mine was. Diani was amazing, despite the heat. It made me realize just how beautiful Kenya is, but you gotta afford it. So, I got to work hard….

Week 13.2018

Hey Guys! It’s yet another Monday. I don’t know about you but Monday blues got me literally forcing myself into doing this among other things. If I had it my way I would rather still be in bed. But then again, I guess the whole point of having this bit on the blog is to…

Week 12.2018

It’s scary, half the time I do not even know what I am doing. All the time. It’s hard but I am loving every step of the way. Most steps 🙂